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Kotor, Montenegro

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

After a day of exploring Dubrovnik we decided to take a day trip to Montenegro.  At 9:30am we took a local bus headed to Herceg Novi(68konas–about 14dollars).   The trip took just over two hours; stopping periodically for locals to get on/off, and at border control.  From H. Novi we transferred onto another bus headed to Kotor(2 Euros– about 2.50dollars), our final destination.  We arrived around 1PM, leaving just enough time to explore the city and grab a quick bite to eat.  By 2:15 we were back on a bus back to Dubrovnik.

hard to see, but the walls of Kotor climbing up the mountainKotor is a walled city who’s walls climb up into the mountains about 260 meters high. Just as in Dubrovnik, it’s possible to climb the walls and check out the views.  We didn’t have time for the climb, but I suspect it would have been well worth the effort.  Kotor is built into the mountains, and the base of the city sits on the Gulf of Kotor.  

Montenegro was the last country to be admitted to the EU only and as of now it’s their only claim to fame .  I’m guessing in the next few years they will develop a name for themselves in tourism.