Sharm El Sheikh, not exactly charming

IMG_5749 The Sinai peninsula has some of the best diving in the world, so we decided to check it out. From Cairo we flew to the Sharm El Sheikh, which from first impressions is much like a developing Cancun or Las Vegas and filled with German and Russian tourists. We weren’t so thrilled with the way this town looked, but after a few days, we settled into the convenience of having everything readily accessible to us. Not to mention, Cathy and Walid knew the general manager at the hotel we stayed, and we were upgraded to a suite. While we were on our Nile cruise we met a nice Canadian couple who just happened to be heading to Sharm and even staying in our same hotel. So, after a day of scuba diving, we met up for a beer and some apple flavored shisa.

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  1. Thad says:

    Where I was younger we called apple-flavored shisa The Kind, if you know what I mean…that hooka looks most excellent.
    By the way, it is 22 degrees and overcast with 2″ of snow on the ground here in Philadelphia so pretty please with sugar on top, keep the pix and stories coming from the land of sun and scuba.

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