born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia

Cairo, EgyptWe’re aware of the touts and have read about the many the scams that exist in every country, but it only took us a few steps outside of baggage claim in Egypt to fall for one.

We asked for a taxi, but somehow we ended up sitting with a travel agent creating an itinerary for our two weeks in Egypt. After twenty minutes of discussion, somehow we were able to leave without booking anything, but it was a close call. I guess this is what happens when you arrive in a country with absolutely no plans.

Other than that, our first night in Cairo was not so eventful, but that changed quickly. We contacted a friend of a friend, Cathy and Walid who live in Cairo and have a beach house outside the city. The next morning they sent their driver out to bring us to their beach house for the night, which was a great introduction to Egypt, and a nice escape from the heavy pollution and hustle of Cairo.

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