The Chains at Glen Canyon

Mike fishing at The Chains, Glen CanyonFrom Arches NP we headed down to Glen Canyon to visit beautiful Lake Powell.  We based ourselves at Lake Powell’s Waheap campground, and checked out several different sites around Page (the main town). 
There is a turn-off right next to the dam, where you can park and walk down vermillion sandsone rocks to a small fishing/swimming spot called The Chains.  We were told frozen anchovies were good bait for catching bass or rainbow trout.  The water is so clear we could see the fish swimming just below us.  These fish were probably 14″ or more.  But they wouldn’t bite.  Finally I caught a fish, but it was only a 5″ rainbow trout that we sent back into the water.  After 4 hours fishing, all we got were strange sunburns where we mis-applied our sunscreen.

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  1. Sophie says:

    Great picture. Very relaxing looking. We miss you. We keep wanting to call you up for something that’s going on that you guys might enjoy and then we remember that you’re not here. The NoLibs Piazza is coming along- lots going on there all the time (including murder- did you hear about that?). There was a big Mickael Jackson Dance Party one night, they showed movies for the independent film festival another night, and I bought the coolest hula hoop in the world at one of the hippie market stands that is often there now. There is a store with really cute tutu skirts for little kids – maybe you’ll end up having a girl in the end – you never know…jk. Hope to see you soon.

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