Steamboat Springs Lake


The above photo was much of our view of the lake.  Sadly, the mountain pine beetles have done their damage on the pines at Steamboat Springs Lake.  The park is in the process of cutting down the dead trees, and are planning to replant 18o0 trees this year.  The loss of the trees also means, there is little shade or shelter.  We stayed two nights; our first evening we got drenched in a hail and rain storm, and the temperature dropped to 36’F.

P1110318 The morning however, turned out to be sunny and beautiful.  We spent the day fishing without any luck.  The night would have been perfect, if not for the swarms of gnats everywhere.

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  1. Marc Wood says:

    Steamboat is definitely one of the best places to visit in Colorado. There is so much to do there no matter what time of year. Gotta love the mountains! Looks like your family had a great trip.

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