surfing in Puerto Escondido

Christine returning from surfing The famous “Mexican pipeline” is found on Zicatela beach, the number three surf location in the world, which are huge waves that form a tube when breaking.  Only advanced surfers dare to challenge the monster waves which can easily snap a surfboard in two.  We went to watch, and, man, the waves towered over the surfers– that’s how big the waves were.  I’d also read that the undertow can be so strong that people have been swept out to sea when only standing ankle deep in water.  I didn’t want to take any chances, and kept away from the waters altogether while we were at Zicatela.
With that said we went to Playa Carranzilillo to surf.  The waves at Playa Carranzilillo are nice and easy, rarely breaking.  I was sharing the waters with other beginner surfers, so it was tough to catch many waves.

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  1. Katie says:

    Girl, i am so proud of you — you’ve come so far from the beginning of the trip when you were a nervous swimmer!

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