Havana, Cuba

Classic cars in Havana-6
From Puerto Escondido we flew to Mexico City, Cancun, then into Havana.  With the layovers, it took the entire day before we finally arrived at around 10pm.  After customs and immigration, we got into a taxi, and found the driver had to push us before he could throw the clutch into gear, and we could get going.  But just as we were exiting the airport, the police pulled us over.  It’s illegal to use your cell phone while driving in Cuba, and our taxi driver was reading my phone for directions to our homestay.  After 20 minutes of waiting, the driver returns, but by this time the car has overheated.  The driver pours water over the radiator, and finally 10 minutes later we are off!  Taxis are mostly old Russian Lada cars probably from the 1960’s–that combined with American cars from the 1950’s make up the majority of cars in Cuba.  Most of them need restoration, and although they constantly breakdown most Cubans have found a way to keep them on the road.

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